My name is Destiny Baugh, I’m a local freelance writer and blogger local to the Orlando, Florida area. I have a passion and zeal for writing about topics in the personal finance sphere and I love educating people on things that they should know in order to get their own finances together. Please, even if you have no interest in working with me I hope you take the time to review some posts and hopefully you find something that helps you in your personal life.

In addition to writing I enjoy working on marketing and creating campaigns for small businesses. It’s imperative that small business tackle marketing in a powerful and effective manner. That’s what I’m here for. Of course running a business in itself is time consuming so clients can leave it to me to add a personal touch to their marketing campaign!

As you can cipher from my main page I am up for hire for any services needed. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me via the contact page.


Destiny Baugh